Celebrating the Sunshine State's Unique Treasures


Authentic Florida Recipes from Our Kitchen

Florida is home to delicious seafood, garden fresh produce, desserts and fresh squeezed goodness in a glass. The recipes found on our website have been lovingly tried and tested in our Authentic Florida kitchen or by one of our hand-picked guest food bloggers. 

We are also passionate foodies and love to discover authentic mom and pop restaurants. We have fun sharing our favorites finds from all over the Sunshine State. 


Desserts are my favorite especially when using fresh Florida products including key limes, kumquats, oranges and strawberries


Seafood & Main Course

Surrounded by water, Florida is home to a bounty of fresh seafood and good eats


Salads & Veggies

Farmers' markets, local groceries and produce stands are my go-to places for these Authentic Florida salad and veggie recipes


Soups & Beverages

Enjoy these delicious, healthy soup recipes created from Florida's bounty including yummy fruit drinks.



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