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Southwest Florida
photo: Cortez, A
Cortez, A "Real" Florida Fishing Village

For those who enjoy discovering "real" Florida, one of the most beloved secrets is found an hour south of Tampa. Bradenton’s Cortez Village offers genuine and historic charm as one of the last remaining 

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photo: Florida's Vintage Citrus Labels
Florida's Vintage Citrus Labels

Years ago, brightly covered labels adorned wooden crates, the primary method of packaging and shipping Florida citrus. Authentic Florida shares some history and samples of labels which adorned the crates

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Weekend Getaway
photo: Cheeseburger in Paradise: Authentic Cabbage Key
Cheeseburger in Paradise: Authentic Cabbage Key

Looking for a romantic authentic getaway? One of our favorites is a visit to Cabbage Key located on the Gulf Coast near Ft. Myers. It's the laid-back paradise Jimmy Buffett made famous when he met the perfect cheeseburger, a piano and a cold beer 

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North Florida
photo: Authentic St. Augustine
Authentic St. Augustine

Explore authentic St. Augustine, America’s oldest and most charming city. Climb the Castillo de San Marcos, drink from the Fountain of Youth and scale St. Augustine's Lighthouse, while enjoying Florida's rich and multi-cultural history

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Authentic Travel
photo: Florida’s Everglades: Untamed Beauty & Wildlife
Florida’s Everglades: Untamed Beauty & Wildlife

Southwest of Miami, you’ll find one of America's most unique treasures, the Everglades National Park. Now is the ideal time to view the wildlife and enjoy the rich mosaic of varied ecosystems and wildlife. There's 

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Central Florida
photo: Riding High In Ocala
Riding High In Ocala

Ocala is horse country but it’s a rare privilege to get “behind the gates” and experience the world of thoroughbreds, stud farms and the sporting side of the business. But you can closer it all if you know how, so join Authentic Florida as we tour 

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East Coast
photo: Florida's Space Coast: Beaches, Birds & Rockets
Florida's Space Coast: Beaches, Birds & Rockets

Florida’s Space Coast offers more than just the Kennedy Space Center. The best birding begins right now during the Birding and Wildlife Festival or just enjoy some of the stunning Atlantic coast beaches

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Central Florida
photo: Kissimmee Prairie Preserve
Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Long ago, Cracker Cowboys herded cattle across the state traveling through Florida’s Central Florida prairies. You can experience the land as it once at the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, a stunningly beautiful frontier wilderness 

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Central Florida
photo: Manatees Arrive to Blue Spring State Park
Manatees Arrive to Blue Spring State Park

For years friends have told me about Blue Spring State Park. Finally, I loaded up the family and we set off to explore one of Florida’s most delightful state treasures. Located north of Orlando and west of Orange   

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My Promise

Whether looking for a half-day, full-day, or weekend excursion, the Authentic Florida Traveler experiences Florida in its simplest form – enjoying the Florida that has always been here, yet often forgotten. With moderate planning and even the most limited budget, the Authentic Traveler can enjoy the best that Florida has to offer. 

Authentic Florida travelers seek, discover and rediscover Florida– and are passionate about living a true and centered life in a state that has so much to enjoy.  Join me as we discover the Florida of our past, present and future.

Authentic Florida awaits you.

- Robin