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Posted by: Robin Draper on Sunday, January 3, 2016

https://asoft11222.accrisoft.com/authenticfla/clientuploads/BeachPhotoBlog.jpgIt’s time to lean into the New Year with a fresh start. How would you like a new year with re-newed inspiration?

Sounds good, but where does one begin? 

For me, the most likely start is finding some quiet times in my busy life. I need space to just pause and clear my thought process so I can gain new perspectives and find ways to solve everyday challenges. I also need to sift through a multitude of ideas to help me plan the upcoming year. I try to do this in the morning while enjoying the early hours, sometimes looking to the simplicity of nature outside my window. The stillness of morning is almost magical in clearing the slate for my thoughts and energy.

The second step is to get my body moving. As hard as it is, I try to exercise daily because I need movement for stimulation - physical as well as mental. Whether walking, running, swimming, riding, playing tennis, or practicing yoga – or whatever your choice for movement…it’s about being outside in Florida’s fresh air, circulating the blood, thereby creating a life force for living. When I exercise, I empower myself to take better care of me.

My third step is creating a diet of fresh, Florida food. I know that if I am eating well, I am feeling better. I am grateful that my garden is overflowing with fresh greens, tomatoes and herbs. But to maintain the freshness on my dinner table, I also turn to my local Farmer’s Market. Scheduling at least one weekly trip to the market makes a big difference on my plate and at this time of year, Florida is overflowing with fresh produce.

My final step is connecting with others. I need connection with those around me, deepening my relationships to family and friends. It is energizing. For without them, I am so much less.

Having you as an Authentic Florida friend and reader gives me plenty of reasons and ideas to look forward to 2016. Thank you for being part of my Authentic Florida journey.

Maybe my four steps will help you as you plan your new year, and help attain my wish for you - a new year with abundant serenity, exercise, good fresh food and deep connections. With that in mind, 2016 may be overflowing with more Florida gifts and miracles.

With gratitude,


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9 comments on "Refresh & Renew"

Private comment posted on March 14, 2016
Robin Draper on January 24, 2014 said:
Great reminder about yoga!
junkcarsfl on January 24, 2014 said:
Yoga is good for the body, mind and spirit. Anyone can benefit from practicing this art.

John on January 24, 2014 said:
Practicing yoga stimulates the body, mind and spirit. It's benefits are useful for anyone at any age and I recommend getting into the art if you aren't already.

Robin Draper on December 30, 2013 said:
And thanks for the votes from Kathy and Elizabeth!
Robin Draper on December 30, 2013 said:
Great comments Tom about setting goals..loved your idea of using a voice recorder plus the idea of setting monthly and quarterly reviews. Well said!
And thank you for the vote Kathy!
Tom on December 30, 2013 said:
Great goals Robin nothing unrealistic and close to mine..I always try to be creative about my goals and include doing somethings you enjoy along with them like exercising and doing photography. I take my camera when out walking which stimulates my creativity juices in photography as well as other topics. I also take a voice recorder to make mental notes while walking and play them back the next day thus I am able to be more productive focusing pondering on finding solutions. Another thing I try to do is set like three goals a quarter (4 months) so they are easy to do establish what you want to do set 9 items a year (make sure they are realistic) but focus on those 3 for a quarter. Ironic the rest will fall into place as you go so you get like 9 goals (more or less) a year set on priorities and you are not overwhelmed with too many goals at one time. This sounds weird but I also recommend doing a 30/60/90 day employee performance review on yourself to ensure you stay focused as it's easy to get sidetracked. Now if I can just keep everybody from bothering me and things from breaking down and others causing unplanned disruptions and dealing with unprofessional people. Have a great New Year!
Private comment posted on December 30, 2013
Elizabeth Workman on December 30, 2013 said:
Voted! I love your articles! Looking forward to reading more in 2014.

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