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Posted by: Robin Draper on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude gives me a joy for living.  I am grateful and passionate about living an authentic Florida life.  I am grateful for my loyal Authentic Florida readers and friends. You give me inspiration and wonderful ideas for travel and living.   

My short gratitude list is: faith, family, friends and Florida.  My other list is really long, so I won't bore you.  Like most of us, I have a lot to be grateful for. It’s about a joy for living, appreciating what we have and sharing our blessings with others. 

When it comes to Authentic Florida I am grateful for

  • Florida’s top quality state parks, preserves and wildlife which are so precious to our circle of life 
  • Florida’s locally grown produce, seafood and fresh products
  • Native flora & fauna, especially food bearing plants, trees and herbs, creating a connection from the Florida soil to my home and kitchen
  • The Florida outdoors and the ability to exercise year around whether hiking, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, horseback riding or yoga on the beach
  • Florida artists and authors who inspire us with their creativity
  • Authentic Florida homes and decor – bringing the outside beauty into everyday living 

 All these deepen my passion for Florida living, while appreciating our beautiful and delicate state. 

 Thank you for sharing the good life in Florida.  From my family to yours, have a delightful holiday season.

 With gratitude,


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4 comments on "Gratitude"

Larry French on December 8, 2015 said:
Robin, I'm so glad you stopped by and made us aware of your Blog. Awareness and understanding of the relevancy of our history is so important, especially here in Florida. There is so much of it and entirely too much of it is destroyed before many people are aware of it. It makes the importance of Blogs like yours and missions such as that of the WVHS that much more vital in the overall scheme of things. Thank you for what you do and do come visit us again when you can.
Private comment posted on November 17, 2011
Private comment posted on November 17, 2011
Tom White on November 14, 2011 said:
Thanks you for all you do to share all that needs sharing. We have a wonderful place here with so much to offer. You shed light where the light was not yet shed and we appreciate it. It's nice to love what you do and it shows. Authentic is indeed Authentic.Peace

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