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Superb Orange Rolls

Author: Robin Draper
Date: December 21, 2013 12:00 am
Category: What to Eat
Type: Desserts

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My childhood friend, Lisa, came over on a beautiful Florida day and we spent the afternoon making Superb Orange Rolls. These fresh hot breakfast rolls are topped with a sweet, tangy orange glaze.

Florida just doesn't taste any better and you'll watch these goodies disappear in no time!

Superb Orange Rolls
Time: Approx. 2 1/2 hours total (with the rising). 

Makes 24 rolls or 12 large ones.

There are three parts to the recipe. The first part is making the dough (which you allow to rise twice). The second step is assembling the Orange Mixture that will be rolled up inside the dough log. The third step is making the Orange Glaze that is placed on top of the rolls after baking.

One important reminder: Be sure to zest the oranges before you squeeze the juice.


1 ¼ milk, scalded

¼ cup of lukewarm water

1/2 cup butter 

2 eggs beaten 

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup orange juice (1/2 orange)

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons grated orange zest (1-2 oranges)

1 package yeast

5 cups flour 

1 teaspoon sugar

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

1 hand grater, 1 rolling pin


2/3 cup of butter, room temperature

1 cup of sugar

6 teaspoons of grated orange zest (3-4 oranges) 

4 tablespoons of orange juice

2 cups of powdered sugar


1. Using a small sauce pan, scald 1 & 1/4 cup milk. Remove from heat and stir in 1/2 cup of butter, 1/3 cup sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Off the heat, cool the mixture to lukewarm.

2. Separately in a large bowl, dissolve 1 package of yeast and 1 teaspoon sugar in 1/4 cup of lukewarm water. When dissolved and bubbly, stir in lukewarm milk mixture.

3. Stir in 2 beaten eggs, 1/4 cup of orange juice and 2 tablespoons of grated orange zest. 

4. Then, add 4 1/2 cups of flour to make a soft dough. If the dough is sticky, add more flour to make a soft dough.

5. Place the dough on lightly floured breadboard and knead (pressing back and forth lightly with palm of hands).

6. Place the kneaded dough into greased bowl using the 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, turning to coat all sides with the oil. Cover (with a damp kitchen towel) and let rise until doubled. (Note: it may take up to 1 & 1/2-hours). 

7. After dough has doubled, take out and place on a floured mat or board, knead lightly.

8. Take a rolling pin and roll out a large square to 1/2 inch thick flat dough.

Next, make the Orange Mixture and spread evenly over the top:


2/3 cup soft butter, room temperature

1 cup sugar

4 teaspoons or more of grated orange zest

Next, roll the dough into a log. Then cut the rolled dough into 1/2 inch slices placing on a greased baking sheet (or parchment paper if you have it). Then, cover the sliced rolls with a damp towel and let the dough double again.

Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Top with Orange Glaze. Makes about 24 rolls.


4 tablespoons orange juice

2 teaspoons grated orange zest

2 cups sifted powdered sugar

Combine ingredients and glaze hot rolls. Use a spoon to cover the top of the rolls.

Adapted from Up A Country Lane Cookbook by Evelyn Birkby

About the Author: Robin Draper is a Florida native and blogger devoted to the simple and delightful pleasures for Florida living. This article is connected to Robin's Google+ profile.


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