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The Lovegrove Gallery

Date: September 5, 2011 7:00 pm
Category: Things to Do
Type: Florida Art

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Located on Pine Island, the Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens is my favorite art gallery on the planet.  Every inch of the Matlacha Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens is painted with bright, tropical, psychedelic colors – indoors and out. I felt like I was in a 60's Love Fest & Peace-In. Lawlessness, disobedience and fun reign.  This place is a "must-see" for any Beatles fan smitten with the "Fab Four."  You'll also love the irresistible fishy fish paintings.

Bottom line, if you love fun, zany, irreverent art, owner and artist Leoma Lovegrove is your gal. If not in the market for art, the Gallery has trinkets, cards, wall signs, painted shells, and ridiculous stuff no one could possibly resist.

As the daughter of a bohemian artist, Lovegrove Gallery/Gardens made perfect sense to me. My artist mother (in her 80s) joined me on this trip and was clearly intoxicated and delirious with Leoma's creative mission and her brave new-world approach. Artists like Leoma are rare, and she clearly and delightfully "marches to her own drummer, at her own beat, unabashedly."






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