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Brendan Coudal, Local Florida Artist

Date: May 4, 2011 7:00 pm
Category: Things to Do
Type: Florida Art

Brendan Coudal has plenty of on-the-job experience to do what he does. He's an avid fisherman and diver. He used to be a charter captain and sports-fishing columnist.

Brendan paints inspirational art from Florida – marine life, wildlife and seascapes - all scenes which enhance our love of Florida.  He shares, "I love the action created by a powerful sailfish chasing a lure, the serenity of a sandhill crane and the innocence of a baby loggerhead on its way to a destined journey."  He also features a "Vintage Series"  of 50s retro girls which first caught my eye when I saw the "Siesta Sweetie."

As a self-taught artist, Brendan is as authentic in person as he is on canvass. He and his wife Nicole, (who often models for his paintings), are happy to share the work either in person or through several gallery locations listed on his website.



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