Bug Fever!

Florida Lobster Season Opens

One of Florida's finest catches

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Florida's Nirvana

Ichetucknee River & Springs

Let the river run through you


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Good Family Fun

Florida Scallop Season is Open!

Enjoy the thrill of scalloping for dinner

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Eight Florida Springs

You Don't Want to Miss 

Beat the summer heat

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Four Florida

Fabulous Beaches

You Don't Want to Miss

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Florida Favorites

Roadside Attractions

From guest blogger Rick Kilby 

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Mango Mania!

South Florida Road Trip

Four Florida mango tastings

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Florida Lobster Season 

Try Authentic Florida's Mac & Cheese  

The ultimate comfort food, just add the lobster 

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photo: Bug Fever! Florida Lobster Season Begins
Bug Fever! Florida Lobster Season Begins

Florida’s lobster season known as "bug fever" opens for recreational divers, a two-day mini-season followed by the regular season opening August 8th. Fresh caught Florida lobster is one of the state's 


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Authentic Living
photo: Authentic Florida Lobster Mac & Cheese
Authentic Florida Lobster Mac & Cheese

Most folks enjoy Florida lobster in the simplest form savoring its sweet, succulent flavor. But recently I made the ultimate comfort food, Mac & Cheese using lobster from a Florida Keys dive trip. Oh my, oh my!

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Easy Summer Living

I love Florida summers. They are warm, no doubt, but like most places, Florida summers are laid-back, slower paced  and relaxed. People are more inclined to take it easy while kids swim, play and eat watermelon. Have you ever noticed that summer 


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Tuckaway Shores
Brevard Nature Alliance
Distinctly Florida
Finding the Fountain of Youth

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